ITCA is an extensive and multicultural network of alumni of the International Tax Center Leiden of Leiden University

ITCA was conceived by the 2015-2016 ITC Class during the summer of 2016 in Leiden, The Netherlands. ITCA seeks to connect all ITC alumni and become a network of dynamic and lively international tax professionals. The LL.M. degree obtained from ITC Leiden and the University of Leiden assures that our members are part of a selected group of the world’s top experts in the field International Tax Law. Our mission is to address the ever-developing tax-issues of the modernized world and offer valuable feedback and insights into those issues.

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International Tax Center & Leiden University

All of our members have successfully obtained the degree of Advanced Master of Laws in International Tax Law or Advance Master of Laws in European Tax Law, both programs headed by Prof. Dr. Kees Van Raad in the International Tax Center Leiden, in association with the Law School of Leiden University in the Netherlands. These institutions are renowned for their research and teaching, which together cover the full breadth of law, and goes far beyond the national boundaries.

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